Sunday, March 30, 2008


It hurts the thing they put in my chest and it helps put medicine and take out blood and put in blood, and I can't touch it when it itches. I had manicure and pedicure night and I have bright orange and a bright pink that i got for a gift from my church group leaders so it made me feel better and bright pink on my toes. I did have this strange green on my fingers before and the nurses always talked about them. I had some what a good night sleep it was off and on but yeah. I had A bad temperature and now it is good now so yeah.


brsmaryland said...

Bright orange and bright pink - very tropical! You are all ready for warmer weather.
I hope the central line area stops hurting soon. It is annoying when something itches and you can't scratch it.
Glad your temp is back to normal. The sun is shining for you today.

Gracifer said...

I knew that pink nail polish would cheer you up :)

Love you lots girl!

tinkknitz said...

At least with the line in your chest you won't be such a pincushion.

A manicure and pedicure in the hospital? Do you have a little dog with a bow like the rest of the celebrities?

Javajem said...

Woohoo for pretty toes!

That port in your chest will be a blessing soon! John loves that they don't have to stick him in the arm every time they need blood.

Hang tough girl!
I love you!

Blowing you a virtual *kiss*!!

Audrey said...

Hey Brie! (hehe used your nickname) I am glad it is not something serious! GET BETTER! Me and my family are praying for you!