Monday, March 31, 2008

busy day

Today was a busy day. I went to the library in the hospital I got nothing. My mom made me go. I got great balloons from my grandparents. I'm only allowed to have to have silver one's no latex (Hint). My great Godmom made me asparagus soup that is the only thing I eat because it taste good it is bland so good for me. Good news I may go home for a couple of days before treatment so I get to go home and see people yeah. I have bad news. I will have to be home schooled well it not home schooled there is tutor that is going to come to my house. I will miss my school friends ALOT. Yesterday 5 people came to see me 2 of my church friends came but I had to meet them at the main lobby because people under 16 can't come in my room. They got me great presents.Then my neighbors came buy to see me and they have to dogs they didn't bring them. They also got me a nice present. Too bad I don't get to go to spotlight on Tuesday.


Caroline said...

I hope that you get better soon! we love you and miss you.Holly came to church and i think really lliked it!


montone4 said...

hi brie--
i am so glad that you are back in the usa--now we can keep in touch and find out how you are doing each day--balloons and asparagus soup--hmm sounds like today was a good one--

i know that you will miss your friends when you are home schooled but--just think--there is something fun about learning your school lessons in your pjs!!

i have been praying for you to get better really fast--i also have my friends praying for you--god must have heard your name quite a bit in the last couple of weeks--

take care sweetie--love from your cousin loretta

tinkknitz said...

At least going to the lobby to see your friends got you out of your room huh? And yaaaay for going home for a while - hope that works out soon. It'll be nice to be in your own bed with your own stuff around.

Large Marge said...

I'm going to the market tomorrow. Call me with any special requests.

Dear Bre, I hope you are ok in the hospital. I'm very worried about you and that I won't get to see you in a long time. p.s. I love you and miss you.


Sydney's mom, Leigh said...

Gabrielle, I am Sydney's mom, and she has not read your blog yet, which is awesome, but I'd love to encourage you and your mom to listen to the radio station 95.1 fm in your room at 9pm every night.
Chuck Swindoll is such an easy person to listen to, a great story teller, and definitely an encourager. I am sure you will hear something that is for you.
praying all the time for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your speedy recover little one.

John said...

Hi Bre,

We've been praying - and have you on the Grace prayer chain! You have so many people praying for you sweetie...

Love your blog. Great way to let everyone hear from you.

So glad to hear you'll get to go home for a few days. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Shannon (friend of Margaret, Marissa, Louisa, and your Mom!)

Anonymous said...

This is your cousin Jill. Your cousins, Rebecca and Nicholas, and I are all praying for you. We are very glad that you are back in the US.
When you feel better, you let us know and either we will come visit you, or you can come stay with us and we can go to the beach.
Take care and work on getting better.
Love ya,

Daniel said...

Hi Brie,
This is Dan, your long lost cousin from Memphis. I hope all is going well for you and my heart and prayers go out to you! I went to Penn State with your mom and I find it pretty ironic she's making you go to the library! Anyway, I just want you to know there's more people thinking about you and caring about you than you know!

Caroline's Mom said...

Dear Gabrielle,

You could never imagine how many people are praying for you! And, I'm sure that tonight at Spotlight the girls and leaders will be lifting you in prayer and missing you so much!

I hope you've received and are enjoying the gifts that Caroline sent to you through Lauren!

Praying for you,
Mrs. Bair
(Caroline's mom)

P.S. Puppy kisses from Teddy!

brsmaryland said...

A library in the hospital - that's pretty fancy! And asparagus soup - yum!
Bre, you are one loved girl. So many friends at the hospital and on your blog...with all that love and all those prayers, you'll be feeling better before you know it.

Audrey said...

Brie, you are the bravest girl I have ever met! I hope you get out of the hospital next week! I hope to visit you!


Anonymous said...

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you :D

Javajem said...

Hi! Yay for going home for a few days!! I can't wait to come and visit you! I am in New Orleans for work this week, but I'll be back this weekend.

Love you!!!

PS - I made you a cool present!!

Mister John said...

Hey there, kiddo. Miss Jody and I have been praying for you from the moment we heard you'd become sick. I am very sorry you've had to get that little port, but I promise you the itchiness will go away and you will grow to like it... needles in your arm always hurt but the port is always nice. :)

I'm glad to hear you've had visitors because I've been wanting to come and see you. I wasn't even sure if you could have visitors or not! I'll get in touch with your Mom and stop by very soon; even before Miss Jody gets home this week.

Please try to eat more... I can tell you from experience that even though you don't feel like eating, you will feel a lot better when you do. :)

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Girl! Sending love your way this Wednesday morning. Keep smiling....I'm imagining angels surrounding you and all around the edges of your room.
Ms. Jessie

Anonymous said...

hey its katie!!!! i miss u sooo much. We all luv u!! school isnt the same with out u!!! i bought u so many presents ur head will spin!!! i cant wait 2 see u and event hought its really late oh well Happy St. Patricks day!! ill talk to u soon call me on my cell! and yea