Friday, April 18, 2008

The best news

We just found out that if I start eating more I will go home the weekend of the 26 so that is great news. Also found out that I will be unhooked from the wires so no beeping for 4 hours but they will hook me back up at around 3 so I better enjoy it now. For some reason I feel tired but I have gotten better. I have realized that ever since my mom got her cancer it has been down hill people in the hospital and people passing away so it has been sad. But hopefully we will all get better. But everyone is having fun and helping me feel better so thank you everyone for getting me better. I can not wait till I go home I almost did a dance. Hope everyone has a good day today and enjoy.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I miss home so much I haven't been home since a mouth and a couple of days, sowhen someone says home I ALWAYS cry. I have to say that my dad has been bring stuff from home to remind me and my aunt is coming for a little bit to paint my new room at my moms house so that will be cool when I go home. Good news is they are starting to say when I'll be able to go home. I'm doing fine I had cooking time in are hospital so we made a really good treat for me.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeling a Little Better

I've been felling a little better thanlast week because I ended my treatment on Friday. I haven't been writting because I've been feeling icky. I've been itching my head alot for some reason lately. Tonight I'm watching 'High School Musical 2'. My nurse who doesn't make noise at night is here, so I get to sleep a lttle tonight. Someone that I know made a quilt for me and it's great. I'll be coming home maybe in two weeks.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Hey I don't feel so great because I feel nauseous and light headed and and stuff. Last night was rock star night it was fun we played with my new guitar hero 3 it was fun. Today is the day before my treatment so I'm looking forward to get over it. Today is also the 19 day for me being in the hospital it is sad.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

More bad news

My brother is not a bone marrow match so I have to go through another treatment. I won't get to go home at all because of my fevers. I start treatment Tuesday. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday I was way too busy. I had to listen to doctors and a couple people came to visit. Last night was Luau night in my room and my mom tried to make me wear a horrible dress. My Aunt came down and she is making my mom insane because she is redecorating and making a mess. Today I got a High School Musical Sing It for my Wii from my uncle. I had no sleep again last night. Two of my group leaders from church came in yesterday and put up flowers that my group made for me. I can't have real flowers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The worst news

I didn't go home yesterday. I spiked a fever as we were getting ready to leave. One of my tubes was blocked and we had to wait a couple of hours for the medicine to work. Then they checked my temperature again and since it was still high, they told me that I had to stay in the hospital. I was mad about that. It was good it didn't happen at home since I would have had to come back to the hospital and get through the ER again, but I was still mad. The good news is my Godmother is coming to visit me today. Also my Aunt is coming this weekend to see me to change my room into my own since I had to share with my brother before. My school friends made me a HUGE card that said Get Well and they all signed it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Sorry I didn't blog yesterday I had a busy schedule. I actually had a good night sleep last night, because my nurse didn't wake me up, and the hospital was quiet. I am probably going home today or tomorrow for a few days, before they start my treatments. I can't wait to see my kitty, Stormy, and be in my own room. My friends are planning to come visit me today. I made a pink and green bracelet that is beaded butisthe normal beads that are round so I'm wearing it. I learned how to flush my line to clean it and to change the bandage.They have a figure of a man so that we can practice it is funny.His name is Chester. I got alot of stuff my friend gave me a necklace and earring and a CD it is cool. I have been talking to my school friends and telling them what is going to happen and there sad. My thing in me doesn't much hurt any more so I'm happy for that :-) . Happy Aprils fools day yesterday my dad works at the aquarium so he tricked me and said that he was going to swim in the shark tank today and that freaked me out, he also tricked my brother and said that there was ice on the road so we have a 2 hour delay inschool. We think that is his favorite holiday because he can be good. I'm good at it but not that good. Wiss me luck for going home.

Monday, March 31, 2008

busy day

Today was a busy day. I went to the library in the hospital I got nothing. My mom made me go. I got great balloons from my grandparents. I'm only allowed to have to have silver one's no latex (Hint). My great Godmom made me asparagus soup that is the only thing I eat because it taste good it is bland so good for me. Good news I may go home for a couple of days before treatment so I get to go home and see people yeah. I have bad news. I will have to be home schooled well it not home schooled there is tutor that is going to come to my house. I will miss my school friends ALOT. Yesterday 5 people came to see me 2 of my church friends came but I had to meet them at the main lobby because people under 16 can't come in my room. They got me great presents.Then my neighbors came buy to see me and they have to dogs they didn't bring them. They also got me a nice present. Too bad I don't get to go to spotlight on Tuesday.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


It hurts the thing they put in my chest and it helps put medicine and take out blood and put in blood, and I can't touch it when it itches. I had manicure and pedicure night and I have bright orange and a bright pink that i got for a gift from my church group leaders so it made me feel better and bright pink on my toes. I did have this strange green on my fingers before and the nurses always talked about them. I had some what a good night sleep it was off and on but yeah. I had A bad temperature and now it is good now so yeah.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

miss you all

Hey guess I miss all of my friends and family. I just got surgery it is a central line in me and they had to take a bone marrow again because of the test didn't work before. Please pray for me to get better because i want to go home and relax and see my friends. The nurses come in the middle of the night and wake me up in the night and check my tempature and blood presure and i'm tired. Well I didn't eat either they did the surgery aroud 4 and I didn't get out till 6 from recovery then I didn't fell hungery after wating for so long and I had only 2 bites of sandwitch and that is all. So today it is busy and I'm really tired.

Friday, March 28, 2008

my first blog

Hello this is my first blog and I'm doing this blog because i want my friends/family know how i'm doing. I am in the hospital and i'm doing o.k. i'm getting a bone marrow asperation and it means there going to take some bone out and test it. there making me not eat so i'm starving.