Monday, April 7, 2008


Hey I don't feel so great because I feel nauseous and light headed and and stuff. Last night was rock star night it was fun we played with my new guitar hero 3 it was fun. Today is the day before my treatment so I'm looking forward to get over it. Today is also the 19 day for me being in the hospital it is sad.


Anonymous said...

We'll be praying for you tomorrow and for the days to come, that you will have strength and courage. Stay strong!

tinkknitz said...

Hi Brie! Miss Carole just told me tonight you spell it like "the stinky cheese". I happen to like Brie cheese ~ and neither one of you stink.

Hey! I start some chemo again tonight for five nights so we're sorta treatment buddies. Mine doesn't make me feel sick at all ~ I'll be praying yours doesn't either. Good luck!

Gracifer said...

Hey Boo!

We miss you A LOT around Spotlight. The girls are always asking for updates, so Lauren and I let them know how you're doing and what you've been up to! It was great to see you on Friday! Even if it was just for a short while!

Love you lots, girl!
- Grace

Javajem said...

Hey! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too hot. I hope you feel better soon! And I hope I can come visit you soon too!

Miss you lots!!

Love you,

Knitini Anyone? said...

Hey, Brie, I'm sorry that you are not feeling so well tonight. Andy, Alex, Hailey and I are all praying for you and want you well soon. Andy says he knows what you're going through and he said that his treatments weren't so bad the first few times. (And he is a big baby!)Don't you tell him I told you! Much love to you!! Miss Carole

FugueStateKnits said...

Hang in there, kiddo!
You will get better and soon!

brsmaryland said...

Hi Brie,
Glad you had a fun rock star night.
I hope your treatment day goes ok. I think it is kind of cool that you and Miss Bonnie are treatment buddies! I'm sending lots of healing energy both your ways.

terri said...

I miss seeing you so much at home! The kitties continue to watch for you, and they think I am a little nuts when I follow them around taking videos of them. Ms. Diane came by today, her and the girls send their love. I saw Ann tonight and she said that she would send you something on Friday, we just need your new room number, I think it is 828? I hope that you are getting some sleep tonight and recovering from your first and many kisses, I miss you so much!


Audrey said...

Hope the treatment goes well! The guitar hero sounds fun top play, I hope you had fun!

-with love <3

Anonymous said...

hey gabby its me katie!! Whats ur new number?? i called but it didnt answer then the person said wrong number so yea. oh yea u wont believe wat happened at school. There was a semi lock down thingy but yea apparetnly there was a shooting at a gas station near by but u can ask ur brother. i miss u so much and i just visited u! y did u get ur number changed i cant reach u call me!!! ur bff (always)
katie k luv ya

Miss Carole said...

Hey Brie - I heard this wasn't the best night for you. Hailey said extra prayers for you and so did Alex. I hope you get some rest tonight! Be well! Love, Miss Carole

brsmaryland said...

I love the additions on the side of your blog.
He IS cute! I hope I'm not too old to say that :-)

montone4 said...

hi brie--
montone and i were away so i am just getting caught up with your blog--
sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling very good or that you didn't get to go home--don't be discouraged cause things will get better--
with all that is going on in your room it sounds like one big party!! have fun!
love from your cousin loretta

tinkknitz said...

Hi Buddy! Tonight is my fourth night of treatment - so far so good for me. It's the pits that you've been feeling like the bottom of a barf bucket though(I'm quoting your Mom). I'll try to channel some of my good fortune over to 'ya girlfriend.

My kitties say mmmrrrrow >^..^<

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Girl! You are so strong...keep it up.... So, Rock Star night, did that cute guy (Jonas guy) show up? You know I'm so not up with who's who, but his picture is cute. If not, pretend like he did! ;-)

All my Love!
Ms. Jessie