Thursday, April 17, 2008


I miss home so much I haven't been home since a mouth and a couple of days, sowhen someone says home I ALWAYS cry. I have to say that my dad has been bring stuff from home to remind me and my aunt is coming for a little bit to paint my new room at my moms house so that will be cool when I go home. Good news is they are starting to say when I'll be able to go home. I'm doing fine I had cooking time in are hospital so we made a really good treat for me.


Javajem said...

I'm happy to hear you now have a timeframe for the big homecoming day!

I know you will love your new room. Waiting just a little bit longer will make coming home even better!

Love you!

terri said...

Greetings from the West Coast! I miss you and can not wait to see you this weekend. I changed my flight home so I wouldn't be gone so long! I am sorry that you are so sad about not being home, but soon this will all be a memory and you will be HOME!!! I am excited to hear that you were cooking! What goodies did you make to eat? Can't wait to see you.

brsmaryland said...

Cooking in the hospital? That's just like being home! Ok, maybe not exactly ;-) I'm glad the doctors are starting to talk about when you might go home for real. And you will have a freshly painted room waiting for you. Exciting!!

Nittany Knits said...

The treat was a catepillar made out of rizt crackers, cream cheese, twizlers, and skitels. She ate it and kept it down. It was disgusting! She must be getting better :-)

Caroline said...

Hi Gabrielle! This is Caroline, from Audrey's birthday party. I'm so glad to hear that your doing okay. I'm so sorry that you miss home. I know that must be difficult. Its soooo cool you have a blog so we can all keep up with whats going on in your life. TTYL!
~ Caroline

Audrey said...

Your the most brave girl I have ever met!
I am so glad you will be coming home soon!


Jolene said...

I have been thinking about you all! Stay strong and take it one day at a time.

Caroline said...

Happy anniversary in heaven, I miss you so much! You were so close to me!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary in heaven! I miss you!